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    For the first time in its history, the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is witnessing the scientific investigation of its buried archaeological past. An interdisciplinary team from Switzerland, led by archaeologist Reto Blumer (SLFA), received the opportunity to excavate and document archaeological structures at the site known as Batpalathang, located near Jakar, the capital of Bumthang dzongkhag (one of the central district of the Himalayan kingdom).
    We hope that you will enjoy learning more about our discoveries throughout this site. 

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Jakar dzong : Typical monastic citadel-fort from the 17th century A.D. 
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    Batpalathang is the name of a hamlet located at about 5 km from Jakar, on the northeastern bank of the Chamkhar Chu, a river running from the High Himalayas in the North. The archaeological sites under investigation are in the immediate vicinity of the building yard for the construction of a new Renewable Natural Resource Research Center (RNR-RC) for the Ministry of Agriculture of the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB). Both are situated on an old river terrace. 
    Discovered in 1998, during the earliest phase of the construction, the remains of unknown antiquity had an archaeological potential only to be acknowledged through an archaeological expertise (campaign of April 1999). This expertise was also awaited because of the proximity, partly overlapping, of new and old. The results of these first observations, and the fact that the remains were conflicting with the building progress, necessitated an immediate intervention in the sense of a unique archaeological salvage project. This could be implemented during a second investigation campaign starting April 2000 and planned until end of July 2000.
Batpalathang Site
Problem Setting

Batpalathang: location of the archaeological site(s)  and planned RNR research center on an old river terrace of the Choskhor Chu. 
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