Archaeological Investigations 
   in the Kingdom of Bhutan 
      by the Swiss-Liechtenstein Foundation for Archaeological Research Abroad

Excavated Monuments 
    During the 1999 expertise campaign, we conducted excavations in three locations: 
  • B1: the immediate periphery of the underground dome-roofed structure;
  • B2: the wall remains near B1;
  • B3: the quadrangular stone surface.
    At the end of the campaign, an extensive fieldwork report was prepared and published in the SLFA Annual report (Blumer & Vial 1999). Follow to the main results of the expertise campaign 1999. 
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    Since April 2000, we undertook excavation and/or documentation work at the following locations: 
  • Batpalathang site:
    • B1: the filling of the underground structure was explored; the entrance passageway was freed;
    • B1-B2: four additional sectors adjacent to the wall remains B2 were excavated;
    • B3: the platform was cleared; the chamber was explored; a peripheral wall surrounding the platform at variable distance was discovered and cleared;
    • B4: a test cut was documented;
  • Yuwashing fort ruin, Bumthang: a historical, but yet unlocated, 240 meters long fort ruin was discovered and sketch mapped; a surface clearing was undertaken in the central part and charcoal and potsherd samples were secured;
  • Old Jakar Dzong, Bumthang: the fortified ruin was sketch mapped and briefly described;
  • Bumthang (Choskhor) valley: numerous other potential archaeological sites were located, GPS-recorded, and briefly described during regional survey actions.
  • Tshenkarla fort ruin, Trashiyantse district (Eastern Bhutan): samples of wooden beam were secured for dating (request by the History Institute of Sherubtse College in Kanglung).

    Follow to the preliminary results of the present campaign 2000.

    You may also consult the first part of our final report, now accessible online !

Activity overview 2000

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